What do we do ?

Our team is dedicated to the study of vocal communication processes of animals in their natural environment. We use a multi-disciplinary approach :

  • Signal processing and Big data analysis (sound analysis & synthesis software, noise extraction methods, localisation, Machine learning,…)
  • Animal behavior and Cognition (use of acoustic/visual/olfactory lures to decipher recognition mechanisms, operant conditioning, multi-sensor tag attached to animals)
  • Imaging methods (MRI, Synchroton X-Ray)
  • Biological analysis (DNA, biochemical analyses such as GC-MS).

Our team belongs to the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience.



What’s New ?

December 2020

A new website for a collaborative project on the reduction of avian mortality in windfarms (« Réduction de la Mortalité Aviaire dans les Parcs Éoliens en exploitation »  -MAPE ). In French only. https://mape.cnrs.fr/

Our team will investigate the best methods (acoustic and/or visual) to deter birds from windfarms. 

October 2020

A  video clip produced by the CNRS  on our research on Humpback whales ! (in French only)


July 2020

Mathilde’s first PhD talk to the Animal Behaviour Society Online Conference !

May 2020

Kirby created a blog about her PhD research work on Hawaiian monk seal !


April 2020

Our YouTube channel has more and more cool videos to watch ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bO1ymcVv0SVZXTxo-bcWg

March 2020

Fieldtrip to Namibia to study Cape fur seals, and the end of the fieldwork for Mathilde who spent 4 months there !!! Crawling among the fur seals was her daily task to be able to record and test them.

January 2020

New paper in Ethology:  Déaux et al.  « Courtship display speed varies daily and with body size in the Ruffed Grouse (Bonasa umbellus)« . https://doi.org/10.1111/eth.13004

December 2019

Penguins produced calls under water ! Check our paper in PeerJ.  Thiebault A, Charrier I, Aubin T, Green DB, Pistorius PA. 2019First evidence of underwater vocalisations in hunting penguins.  PeerJ 7:e8240  https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.8240

December 2019

World Marine Mammal Science Conference

Participation to the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona ! We have several posters presentations by I. Charrier on olfactory discrimination in Australian sea lion (ASL), by K. Wierucka on mother-pup olfactory recognition in ASL, by C. Huetz on diving and vocal behaviour in mother-calf Humpback whales, by A. Saloma on the Humpback whale calf’s vocal repertoire, by S. Marchesseau on the larynx of Humpback whale caves, by O. Adam on social behaviour of Sperm whales. 

Congratulations to Kaja who was awarded the best poster presentation !

November 2019

First fieldtrip to Namibia to study the social communication network of Cape fur seals ! An amazing project and the beginning of Mathilde’s PhD project ! This project is done in collaboration with T. Gridley and S. Elwen from the Namibian Dolphin Project and Sea Search (SA).

Octobre 2019

Pourquoi les oiseaux chantent-ils ? Why do birds sing ? A question answered by Fanny Rybak in 180s ! Interview for la Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie.

September 2019

HomeParticipation to the 27th IBAC meeting in Brighton (UK). Plenary talk by I. Charrier on « Recognition systems and Social structure in Pinnipeds » as well as a talk on Northern elephant male vocal recognition,  a talk by Juliette Linossier on the ontogeny of individual vocal recognition in Northern elephant seal mothers, and a talk by Charlène Gémard on burrowing petrel vocal communication !


August 2019

News from the field ! Amazing videos of humpback whale from Madagascar. We are studying the vocal and behavioral interactions between mothers and calves using CATS camera.